SocialChorus improves employee communication, connection, and engagement through their mobile app. They move HR into the age of social media, helping companies develop employee engagement plans and encourage positive participation on social media. SocialChorus works with Illustria to achieve quality design for their wide range of sharable content and boost their inbound marketing strategy.

Employee Engagement Infographic

Illustria takes a visual approach to the value of employee engagement.

Making an engaging infographic.

The Employee Engagement Infographic conveys the importance of employees engaging through mobile in a format that is strategically mobile-friendly – just like SocialChorus’ core product. Our team dove into the data SocialChorus provided and found the best way to visualize important concepts, including key statistic pop outs, mobile devices integrated with text, and connecting elements that naturally tie sections together.

Retail Marketer’s Guide to Employee Advocacy

This ebook’s unique style makes the long-form content exciting to read.

Being a social guide.

This ebook shows all the ways that retailers can take advantage of employee engagement in order to boost results. Our goal was to make it easy to understand for SocialChorus’s audience, so that they can see the investment in a new technology solution as a revenue driver rather than a cost center. The design highlights people engaging with media, prominent color blocks, and photos tinted to convey the optimistic and forward-thinking feel of SocialChorus’ brand.

Employee Engagement Whitepaper

Fifty individual statistics shine in this report, a mash-up between a long infographic and a standard whitepaper.

Making statistics engaging.

The Employee Engagement Report presented a creative challenge: convey fifty data points about corporate communications and make this into a narrative fun for social sharing. Fortunately, our team could rely on the style we had developed for SocialChorus’ ebooks: compact, easily read chart styles, the integration of mobile focused, diverse brand photography, and pops of color for highlighting information when a page is skimmed. This style shines through in a report that was published online, printed, and shared on social media.

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