How Paxata Delivered MQLs to Meet 400 Revenue Growth

DEC 05, 2015


With venture funding comes an ambitious commitment to growth. In order to hit the plan, Accel-backed Paxata had to scale demand generation through multiple avenues: content creation, landing page optimization, event marketing, and more. Paxata joined Illustria’s membership to access the great creative needed to deliver the leads the sales team needed, on plan, to hit 400% revenue growth.

We have an overwhelming need for creative. As we grow, we require everything larger companies need, but those demands hit all at once. – Cari Jaquet, VP of Marketing


Paxata’s self-service data preparation solution simplifies the analysis process for anyone from data scientists to business analysts. Teams get answers from their data faster so they can make the right decisions more quickly.


Cari Jaquet, VP of Marketing at Paxata, describes her challenge like this: “We have an overwhelming need for creative. As we grow, we require everything larger companies need, but those demands hit all at once.” That included branding, content creation, infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, landing page optimization, event marketing, and more.

Previously, Cari worked with a rotation of freelance designers, but that presented its own challenges. She says, “I have struggled to find ones who have the skills to translate our brand into the required look and feel for each type of material.”

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Cari says that when she learned about Illustria’s unique business and delivery model, she was “intrigued, specifically how they help marketing teams quickly tap into an experienced team of designers without a lot of upfront time investment.” With Illustria’s standing as the choice for growth companies and the promise of giving marketers access to quality design consistently, Cari decided to give Illustria a try.


Upon joining, Cari was contacted by her art director. She was pleasantly surprised by the quick onboarding time: “I had a quick introductory call to understand how the team worked, and within a few hours, I was set up and submitting projects.”

Illustria’s creative management platform “simplified the management process, as it tracks every project, from initial request to concepts to completion.” This allowed Cari to get more projects done in a shorter timeframe. It helped Paxata “appear larger and more established by having professional design applied to all aspects of marketing, not just high-visibility assets.”

“In the time I have worked with Illustria, their turnaround time is unbelievably quick, their quality of work is very high, and my expectations are consistently met or exceeded. As someone who has successfully run marketing at startups and massive enterprises, I would recommend Illustria as an integral part of any organization,” concludes Cari.


“Becoming an Illustria Member covered her creative needs, and Cari was able to focus her energies on strategically scaling Paxata’s marketing. She delivered the leads that the sales team needed to achieve 400% year-over-year revenue growth.

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