is a growing online retailer of nuts and snack foods whose products have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Rachel Ray, and in TIME, Entrepreneur, and Fortune. Their family-oriented values combined with playful branding lead to a colorful collaboration with Illustria. Our relationship with has grown from creating small print ads and growing their social media presence to creating custom ebooks, infographics, and packaging. Illustria’s team has worked with their nutty characters, custom typeface, and pops of color to create strategic and witty work.

Power of Powders

Colorful product imagery helps’s audience understand the properties of various powders.

Clarifying the mysterious properties of powders.

Chlorella. Camu Camu. Guarana. Few of us know what these nutritional powders look like, let alone what they do. In this infographic, we help solve that problem for their audience. Our designers put product imagery in the spotlight, drawing in the viewer with vibrant color and creative composition. From there, custom iconography helps readers understand where to find these ingredients and what they do.

Healthy Snacking Guide’s guide uses light-hearted imagery to make reading health advice fun.

Helping snackers digest some well-positioned health advice.

This guide to making and enjoying healthy snacks is a classic example of’s marketing strategy. Illustria designed the guide as a numbered series of tips and advice to make it easy and fun to read. Useful recipes, playful imagery, and’s branding all come together in one place to engage both current and future customers.

Holiday Tin Packaging

A holiday theme based on’s existing branding delights customers.

Joy to the world of package design.

The primary point of brand interaction for’s customers is when they receive products in the mail. During the holidays, it’s important to make these orders stand out among a slew of holiday packages. This winter, Illustria developed a patterned design utilizing’s characters and custom typeface to bring visual joy to an already happy occasion.

Social Media Covers

Engaging social media images ensure’s audience gets a nutty overview.

A nutty social engagement.

Social media cover photos present a unique challenge - the images have to be beautiful, simple, and actively increase customer engagement. For this project, we developed a layout that communicates all the necessary information: social media handles, product imagery, brand information, and a call to action.

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