Lotame makes and implements a proprietary data management platform for publishers, marketers, and agencies. It gives their clients access to important, real-time audience data that allows them to make better, more profitable business decisions. It’s a comprehensive platform, and Lotame heavily invests in the onboarding and user-training process. Illustria introduced a sports theme to the training materials, reinforcing teamwork, goals, and winning results.

Data Management Platform (DMP Playbook)

Lotame’s informational whitepaper gets a sports-themed spin.

Adding a new route to the Playbook.

Lotame’s DMP Playbook was an opportunity to revamp the classic whitepaper and introduce new ideas. The Playbook, an information guide for new users of the DMP, lent itself to the gridiron and needed to give new users all the information necessary to build a strategy around their Data Management Platform. Illustria’s information design is presented in structured long-form style, punctuated with a few “time-outs” of graphic charts and custom illustrations.

Welcome Pack

Lotame’s Welcome Pack mixes Lotame’s traditional branding with a sports theme.

The Welcome Pack puts the ball in the new client’s court.

This document outlines the game plan that a client needs in order to successfully execute a new data management strategy. Lotame uses sports analogies to explain the roles client companies needed in order to take advantage of new data insights, and Illustria played along by adapting Lotame’s colors and technical style to the stadium-inspired graphics that defined the campaign.

Client Summit

Illustria applies the “Spark” branding to Lotame’s conference venue and materials.

Client Summit

Illustria applies the “Spark” branding to Lotame’s conference venue and materials.

Getting ready for gametime at the Client Summit.

Lotame’s Spark Summit is where Lotame’s team huddles up with their clients once a year to develop strategy, to network, and to share industry insights. They developed a unique theme for their Summit, and needed Illustria’s help to display this new visual identity across collateral. We applied the Spark theme to everything from the environmental details and signage, to their presentations and print materials.

A varsity logo for Training Camp.

Lotame continued the sports theme with their training videos for new users to the DMP. This logo needed to stay in-bounds with the Lotame brand and deliver on the athletic gameplan. Illustria went for a classic ‘varsity’ feel, mixing retro charm with a contemporary refresh.

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