eScrip forms partnerships with grocery and retail stores in order to donate a percentage of shoppers’ purchases to various charitable organizations, and are the longest running and most successful “shop-to-fundraise” program in the United States. In the company’s lifespan, they’ve raised over $400 million for schools and nonprofits. eScrip works with Illustria to access design for their magazines and digital marketing that is certain to appeal to their target audience.

Winter 2014 / Spring 2015 Catalogs

Lifestyle photography boosts eScrip’s family appeal.

Shopping for a cause.

Since they appeal to a demographic of young mothers and families, we collaborated with eScrip to redesign their biannual online magazine into a publication that combines various lifestyle, cooking, and family articles with links that drive to eScrip’s partnered organizations. We centered the style around elegant brand photography and subtle overlays from their existing palette in order to freshen up this branch of their online resources.

eScrip & Benefit Mobile Ad Campaign

A playful, integrated campaign that breaks traditional fundraising approaches with updated messaging.

A new way of fundraising.

Partnering with fundraising app Benefit Mobile, eScrip wanted to promote the value of this digital gift card platform with a relatable and persuasive print and social media ad campaign. Instead of merely listing out the advantages of Benefit Mobile, we chose to highlight outdated and stereotypical forms of fundraising to illustrate why Benefit Mobile is the preferable method for raising money. Car washes, bake sales, and raffles became the narrative for convincing the target audience that there are easier, more efficient ways forms of fundraising. The approach combines short, memorable messaging with simple imagery and a candy colored palette to reinforce the playful concept.

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