CancerIQ was founded to bring predictive analytics to cancer care and rid the barriers of personalized healthcare. They provide simple tools to help both patients and physicians identify risk factors and prevent additional adverse outcomes. The team at CancerIQ understands the cancer risk assessment journey, and they use this knowledge to build supportive products. They came to Illustria to ensure their user interface creates a smooth experience for end-users.

Patient Portal Web App

CancerIQ’s new app design brings clarity to the cancer care process.

Bringing patients and physicians together.

CancerIQ look to the team at Illustria to build an interface that supported the interaction of patients and experts in the cancer research field. Our UI/UX designers created the custom front-end to track a patient’s family medical history, analyze the risk of cancer based on genetic probabilities, and suggest potential intervention plans. The intuitive interface and clean data visualization supports CancerIQ’s mission to reach both patients and doctors and democratize access to precision cancer care.

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