BIZZBY helps customers book services on demand through their mobile app, including cleaning, repair, beauty, and delivery. Our team worked with them during initial development stages to establish contemporary and image-focused ad styles across campaigns. Targeting young, professional, mobile users, we strategized ad placement across social media and physical spaces – including concept mockups for the London Underground.

Hero Facebook & Twitter Ads

BIZZBY’s new social ads promote how simple contextual problem-solving can be.

Solving social problems.

These ads, utilized across social media, were designed by our team to meet potential BIZZBY customers right where they are. Each iteration includes a clear use case for the app, associated lifestyle imagery, and a screenshot of the solution to their problems: the app itself.

London Underground Concept Proposal

BIZZBY’s new campaign is built to fit the location.

Attracting an Underground audience.

BIZZBY wanted a way to re-engage previous customers with their app and attract new downloads. The solution Illustria presented was an ad campaign built for the London Underground. These ads focus on the accessibility of the application on multiple platforms, and the speed of service. Because the Underground audience lingers longer than in online contexts, this campaign is built to be larger and more attractive to accommodate extended view times.

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